How to open HYDRA (hydraruzxpnew4af)?

Best to open link above through the TOR browser. It so happens that some of HYDRA's mirrors may not work, on our website you will always find an up-to-date working link to HYDRA bypassing blockages . HYDRA has many mirrors in case of high load or DDoS attacks. Use the link above to create a secure connection to the TOR network and open a working mirror.

How to download TOR browser?

Download TOR browser using instruction below

What is HYDRA?

The project allows you to anonymously and safely buy / sell prohibited goods throughout the Russian Federation and the CIS. The wide functionality makes the project a quality tool for work, and the moderators act as a regulator of the seller-buyer relationship, making purchases convenient for customers. Also on the site there is a service Autogarant System - When a user buys a product, funds are debited from his account to the System's wallet and remain there until the user leaves a review from the store or after 24 hours. After one of these conditions is met, the money goes to the seller's account. If the buyer has questions about the location of the treasure, he can ask them, and his money will still be in the system. If the treasure was not found and the seller refuses to give a replacement, then the money will be returned to the buyer's account hydraclubbioknikokex7njhwuahc2l67lfiz7z36md2jvopda7nchid onion. If the store in its rules indicated that it does not give re-mortgages and by buying you agree with this, then the controversial issue will automatically be resolved in the direction of the seller. If a user bought a product and did not leave a review about it, and reviews and ratings are important for the rating of both the product and the seller, then 24 hours after the purchase, the system automatically puts the highest rating for the transaction.

Cannot open link?

Some Russia'n IPS's can block HYDRA mirrors if you use regular browser. It is best to copy and write down the hydraruzxpnew4af web link or onion link and open it with a TOR browser, it always works (if HYDRA itself works). The link for other browsers can be blocked by providers in some cases. Also, if you see a message that the mirror is not available, just refresh the page to try using another mirror (sometimes you need to do this several times before HYDRA opens). The fact is that HYDRA has many mirrors and some of them may not be available due to high load.

HYDRA Features

  • Stylish and modern design with wide functionality.
  • You can choose a color scheme in the profile. Classic or New.
  • The service is completely handwritten, no templates or security holes.
  • Autogarant system. *
  • Instant treasures are really instant. After you click the `` Pay '' button , you will receive your treasure instantly. No need to wait until the transaction is confirmed.
  • It is possible to order any product in any quantity using the 'Pre-order'
  • No fakes and scammers. You buy 100 percent from a trusted seller.
  • You can make purchases both for Bitcoin and for QIWI (Possibility of payment from the terminal)
  • Built-in Exchangers. Exchange from 100 rubles. No need to look for where to exchange QIWI for BTC. The balance is replenished instantly.
  • Receiving kiwi through the terminal / YAD / Sberbank
  • Built-in messenger with group chats and tags (Almost whatsapp))
  • You can get an explanation of the treasure at any time.
  • Search posts and groups by tags
  • Built-in notification system and the status of your order.
  • For the security of your accounts, you log in by login, and on the resource you have a separate Display name, which excludes account hijacking by brute force.
  • System `` Dispute '' (For each order, you can ask for clarification in real time and if something is wrong, then invite a moderator to resolve the issue)
  • Own system of encrypted notes (Privnote)
  • All addresses are stored in encrypted form of one-time `` Notes '', which excludes issuing the same address twice.
  • Photos for treasures.
  • No restrictions on withdrawals
  • Sellers and products are sorted based on rating. Rating is based on user reviews
  • The possibility of both cheating the rating and, on the contrary, denigrating the store and the product is excluded.
  • Buyer rating is visible for sellers
  • Store rating system and product from 1 to 10
  • You can leave a review for each purchase, which will be seen by everyone and which will affect the rating of the union store.
  • Notifying the participants of the dispute about the decision of the moderator.
  • You can see how many deals the seller had 500+ 1000+ etc.

  • Create an internal chat for the team.
  • Trusted stores are always at the top of the list
  • Rent a place on the main page and your potential buyers will see you first.
  • An isolated store with instant funds. No disputes and no guarantor.
  • The seller has a flexible system for working with the store
  • All transactions are performed in the anonymous currency Bitcoin. And they happen instantly, without delay. There is no need to wait until the transaction is confirmed. Forget about frozen cards and blocked Qiwi wallets, all the money you earn, up to a penny, will remain with you. Stop the pointless waste of your funds.
  • Buyers buy for Qiwi, and Bitcoin automatically comes to you.
  • Fakes cannot fake your jabber or write on your behalf in HP. Your profits will not leak to scammers.
  • Sales statistics for any period with graphs, enables deep analysis of sales. Accounting for goods. Cost of goods, shipping costs.
  • Forget about hijacking your contacts, you can always be contacted via an internal messenger.
  • There is always one dialogue between the seller and the buyer, there will not be a dozen correspondence with the same person.
  • Separate read / not read statuses for the store team in messages.
  • Disputes. Closing a deal without negative feedback if the dispute was not resolved in your favor.
  • Adding team members with separate rights and privileges, from Store Manager to Manager.
  • Fix the depositor's salary and statistics of found / not found treasures
  • Add one operator for each city, or one for several cities, or several for one city.
  • Rights for operators. They can work with money or not.
  • One owner can have as many stores as he wants with a single control center.
  • You can control the work of each employee, follow the correspondence.
  • If the user does not leave a review on the product within 24 hours, the highest rating for the work of the store is automatically given.
  • You can comment on reviews of your products.
  • Always 100 reviews. Added a new one - erased the old one.
  • No seagulls)
  • Treasure photos with metadata cleaning
  • Convenient system for replacing treasure if it is not found or a controversial issue.